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I’ve been looking for some recipes to make for the blog but I’ve recently made a big batch of chickpea cutlets and want to eat those up before I make anything new I’ve decided to give you a little anecdote on how I decided to become vegan.

I was a sophomore in high school.  Our biology teacher wanted us to do a paper on a “controversial biological issue”.   My paper was on evolution versus creationism but what I got out of that research is something in itself and has nothing to do with veganism.  My friend (we’ll call her Daphne) did her paper on animal rights.  I was really interested in the stuff she was researching so I went to look at the PETA website.  I didn’t leave with anything other than the typical omni response of “you people are insane!” but I suppose that something stuck with me.

Later, out of sheer morbid curiosity, I googled vegan recipes and found  I was really impressed by Susan’s blog.  The pictures are pretty, the recipes have great reviews and she never used the words “cruelty free.”  After checking out the fatfree vegan store, I bought Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance.  I really liked them so after that I bought Vegan Planet, Vegan Express, and the Voluptuous Vegan.  As time wore on my parents really began to worry about this new found obsession of mine.

Fast forward a few years.  The year after high school I was living with some new found friends in New London Wisconsin.  The guy’s worked in a lot of different industries and has a certain liking for grossing people out.  I was more inclined to believe his meat horror stories than PETA’s because he’s actually worked in these industries and as he is not a vegetarian himself he had little reason to exaggerate.  Then he told a story about some dude that got caught masturbating while with his hand up a cow’s butt.  One need not be a vegan to think that’s repulsive but what came next shocked me even more.

“Isn’t he out of prison?”

“Yeah, I think he lives around here.”

And that’s I decided I wanted go vegan.  I was already moving out to live with my aunt and uncle in New Hampshire and decided there was no better time to make a change.  I couldn’t drink a glass of milk anymore without thinking of cow-masturbator-dude.


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  1. now that’s a story i’ve never heard. wish mine was as interesting…

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