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My aunt has two vegetarian cookbooks.  One is a Weight Watcher’s book, the other is an old diet book entitled Eat More Weigh less.  The book is about as old as I am and advocates a nonfat vegetarian diet.  No oil at all and only uses nonfat dairy and egg whites.

The book has some recipes I wouldn’t mind trying out, but there was this thing in the preface that confused me.  After going on about how meat didn’t contribute to your diet, yada, yada, it says this: If you can’t be a vegetarian than eat one.”  It went on to explain about how animals that eat a vegetarian diet are lower in fat and cholesterol and are therefore better for you.  Hence, it you can’t be a vegetarian than eat one.

That confused me.  I mean, cows are vegetarian and they were just ranting about how unhealthy beef was and I have never seen a pig eat meat outside a PETA advertisement. 

I myself was a huge meat eater up until a couple of weeks ago, and even I have given up meat without too much trouble.  I have a new slogan for them: if you can’t be a vegetarian then obviously you haven’t been trying very hard.”


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  1. that’s funny. love your new slogan. i totally agree.

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