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The weekend was lots of fun. Saturday, my aunt’s mother, father, and brother (no relation to me) were over. Her dad help me set up my blog. We spent the day painting the kitchen, and had sushi for lunch. My aunt, who is perhaps the most supportive in my decision to become vegan, made shrimp nori rolls and then made several avocado and cucumber rolls for me. I took a picture of them but still am unsure how to upload photos onto the blog.

We had a little discussion on veganism. I was complaining about finding a recipe for cheese fondue when looking up vegan recipes on the food network (I’m sure all you veteran vegans are just shocked to learn that they don’t have too many of those there). My aunt’s mom was like: “What’s wrong with that? What is a vegan any how?”

“Vegan is unhealthy,” My  older cousin interjected.

“No,” my aunt’s dad said. “Vegans don’t eat animals products. No meat, no eggs, or dairy”

“Or gelatine,” I added. I was going to mention how most vegans don’t eat honey either but my younger cousin asked: “What’s wrong with Jell-O?

“Jello-O is made from horses’ hooves.” My uncle said.

“And animal bones,” I continued.

“I will never eat Jell-O again!” She declared, repulsed.

I don’t know the reaction most people get when they announce that they’re vegan but my reactions have been mixed. My mom, who I still haven’t told about my decision, would be very leery but supportive. My older cousin, the one who made the above comment about veganism being unhealthy responded with a very uncomfortable “Oh.” My aunt had said, without even missing a beat, had said:”Oh that’s no problem!” She proceeded to hand me some paper to make a list of the food I wanted to get. My aunt’s dad had lauded me to sky and remarked how he wished he was able to go vegan and her brother was respectful but made several smart remarks about the glories of bacon. I suppose this is something, like the taste of vegetables, I will just have to get accustomed to.

Today, in between updating my quizilla account and chatting with people on Facebook, I looked up easy recipes, and vegan chatrooms on the internet. I figure that in 0rder to make this transition I’m gonna need a lot of moral support and of course I’m gonna need good food!

With luck, my next post will contain a good recipe and a picture. *Crosses fingers hopefully*


I’m so excited about starting my first blog. I’ve wanted to start one for a while, but I don’t exactly have a lot of technical savvy and assumed it would be a overly complicated and difficult task. Not so!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ariel. I love to read and hope to go to college as an English major.  My plan is to write fantasy and science fiction novels. I love music, taking walks, and art.

I’m slowly converting to veganism, on an enviromental/ health basis rather than an ethical one. I say slowly because I have two main ( soon to be three) problems. One: I haven’t really gotten to like the taste of too many veggies over the years and I’m having trouble adjusting my palate. So part of my blog will focus on recipes for the veggie phobic like myself. Two: I’m living with my aunt and uncle in rural New Hampshire and pickings are slim. Not much in the way of vegan products. The local IGA has some tofu and one or two faux meat products along with beans and soymilk and that’s about it. The store where my aunt usually shops, in Lancastire, has those aforementioned products, in addition to soy creamer. I haven’t found any tempeh or nutritional yeast ANY WHERE around here. My third problem is I’m going to college soon and I don’t know exactly how vegan friendly it’s going be. I think I’m probably going to be eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sammies through college. But we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it, right?

Since I’m going vegan on an enviromental basis, you can guess that I’m interested in the enviroment. Part of the blog will also be about enviromentally friendly living and cooking.