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Transitioning to a vegan diet is a wonderfully uplifting experience that transforms your palate and leaves you wondering why more people don’t do it, and why you hadn’t decided to do it sooner.  Except those times when it isn’t.   Lately I’ve been a culinary rut.  The last three recipes I’ve made have been duds.  First there was a sweet potato quesadilla that was okay, but wanted something savory to balance out the sweetness, than two tofu dishes that well…..look at carnage for yourself.


Even though dumping my old eating habits is exciting and that trying new stuff gives me a thrill, making a dish that bombs discourages me almost as much success uplifts me.  Which is weird.  When I was first learning how to cook, I made pancakes the hue of charchoal and afterward the smoke lingered in the air for hours.  My omelets became scrambled eggs, the toast caught on fire, my muffins could double as baseballs, and I once had to dump out an entire plate of fried chicken because it burnt on the outside and was raw on the inside.  Yet I never once became discouraged and rarely became frustrated.  I plodded along.  Soon I could actually cook pretty well and had a pretty nice cooking reputation in my family. 

So what’s so different now?  Well for starters I suppose I had my father.  He’s the kind of dude who would eat a fried pleather shoe if you served it to him and have something nice to say about it.  So if a dish didn’t work, he would just there chewing and insist “No, it’s good, sweetie.”  I’m not living with my father anymore, and when I’m cooking nine times out of ten I’m cooking for just me.  So if I can’t find redeeming quality in a dish, no one will.  As they say you are your sometimes your toughest critic.  Second, since I’ve already gained some talents there’s a sense of going backward that just galls me.  I mean if a guy came along and took away your diplomas and inform you that you had to repeat school from kindergarten on up ‘cuz you had learned all the wrong things wouldn’t you be pissed?  That’s the feeling I’m getting.  Third, when I make a recipe I’m not quite sure if a recipe failed because I screwed up, if the recipe itself is screwed up, if I just don’t have the taste for the dish, if I don’t have the taste for it yet but might later….see my issue? 

Despite the fact it irritates me to think that I am starting over culinarily  speaking, it seems to be the very method I might have to use.  Start with the most basic of vegan dishes.  Baked tofu, bean soup and work my way back up.  Ultimately, I will regain my kitchen mojo.  Ariel will be back and when she’s back she will better than ever.